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Dear Reader,

My name is Steve Duce. Thanks for visiting my website. I have to be honest and tell you I really don't know how this website will evolve in the next several months. It's a work in progress and I'm not building it to impress the world about me. I'm also not here to sell you something just because you stumbled upon my site. You can come and go as you please without getting hit with a popup begging you to stay and buy something.

I love real estate and one of the few online experts who actually earns a living from it. Investing is what has caused me to hang up my journeyman electrician license in 1996 without ever looking back. I'll always remember where I came from and the road I've traveled has made me who I am today. My time working construction has really helped me throughout the years when it comes time to dealing with the many contractors needed to rehab my properties.

In the late 90's, (I feel old typing that) I began a real estate partnership with well known real estate guru Ron LeGrand. Ron and I have done a countless number of deals together and the partnership has taught me far more than any book or cd course ever could! After a few years I branched off with my own investment company.

In 2001, after sitting on the board, I was voted to be the president of the largest investor's group in Northeast Florida. I've made a lot of friends and many contacts there so if you're reading this and not a member of a real estate investment group, I suggest you seek out the closest group to you and become a member. Hopefully the contacts you make will be as beneficial to you as mine have been for me.

I started teaching real estate classes for our Investment group and eventually
became Ron LeGrand's lead instructor at his seminars. I have been teaching on the national circuit for many years and have met many, many great people along the way.

I have had the pleasure of meeting and sharing the stage with people like, Ron LeGrand, Wright Thurston, Ernie Kessler, Dr. Phil McGraw, Robert Kiyosaki, Suze Ormond, Robert Allen, Coach Don Shula, Marshall Sylver, Corey Rudl, Terry Dean, and many...many more well known experts.

The real estate business is what I love and I still work in the business in some fashion almost every single day.... and have been since 1996.

I've done more deals than I can count and have taught literally thousands of students across the US and even in Canada. A major reason for this website is so I can offer a means of contact and support to the many real estate students I teach. I've taught in more places than I can list...places like New York, many parts of Florida, Los Angles, Las Vegas, Denver, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco, Seattle, Jersey, Toronto Canada and many other places.

It  always impresses to hear those who know exactly how many deals they have done because when I started, it never occurred to me to count them. It also impresses me to hear those who say they "discovered a new formula" or "stumbled on a new amazing concept" that'll make you rich in 30 or 60 days.

I find that most of these guys are just repeating what they learned in a weekend seminar or some online download and are more focused on selling you something than they are on real estate. Heck, I actually see review sites out there where a certain trainer is reviewed much higher than all the others yet, if you do a search of the website owner....you'll find it actually belongs to the trainer in the review or, the high review is one the one that has something to sell on the website.

Ha, you can't make this stuff up. Guys, if a review site is there with something to sell, do you think it's in their best interest to rank someone higher than themselves? Oh my gosh! I have actually seen a review site actually post this review about a very good instructor: "I've never seen his material but I don't recommend him. I recommend my product below." Oh Please!! If you haven't seen it, how the heck can you review it.

Some of these sites are only using the names so they can get internet traffic from them AND...even though search engines won't admit it...negativity will get a higher ranking than non-negativity.

I'm telling you all this because its important for you to know about who you listen to. There are many self proclaimed experts popping up every where it seems and...well....Ron also taught me "be careful with whom you listen to." 

The people you want to learn from are people who actually apply what they learn and actually work the business at a level which exceeds the level you wish to achieve. Get your advise from the doers!




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